Escape from sedentary living and repetitive workouts.  Ignite your natural instincts for building a strong and capable body.  

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Welcome to First Nature Fitness. My name is Erick and I'll be your guide. I help people reconnect to their natural instincts to build a strong, healthy and capable body.    

Getting started with fitness is hard for some people. And for those who have a fitness routine, it can feel like just that: a routine.  

Pursuing fitness should feel like more than a routine. It should have a purpose that has a real meaning to you, beyond a number on the scale, a certain measurement, the number of pounds on a bar, or how many times you can do the same movement in a row. It should make you feel stronger and better from head to toe, prepared for challenges from all directions. And it shouldn't feel like punishment for living in a sedentary culture.   

I created First Nature Fitness to help you make building a fit and capable body something you look forward to.

The modern fitness industry exists because we have built a culture with modern technology that is so fantastically lazy and physically unchallenging, we are forced to find physical activities to keep us healthy and fit. Many jobs today are mentally demanding and physically sedentary. As a result, basic human movements like squatting, lunging, or even reaching overhead become stiff and uncomfortable for people who should be able to move with ease and freedom. 

Before we had gyms, the obstacles we faced while seeking food, shelter, land, and maintaining those things trained us to be fit and ready daily. Gyms weren't necessary when you walked everywhere you went and dealt with an environment that required you to be able to climb, jump, crawl, squat, lunge, push, and pull to survive while hunting, gathering, and exploring.  

We can now sit in a cozy chair and set the lighting, TV, sound, temperature, alarm, etc. all by just tapping a smart phone if we choose. If we aren't paying attention, we could live life transitioning from one chair to another, or from one simple and repetitive task to another as our physical abilities deteriorate. Many of us realize we already spend a lot more time physically inactive than we should and are looking to make changes.

 Maybe you're here because you have felt that slow, steady decline of modern living catching up with you. You might be here because you've noticed yourself skipping physical activity more and more often because you don't feel up to it and you want to change that. You might be struggling just to get started, even though you really want to. Or you may be here looking for a new way to approach fitness because you haven't been making progress lately and you want to go beyond your current fitness levels.   

Whatever your reason is, welcome to my site and thank you for being here. I want to show you how to use your natural movement skills to your advantage, whether at home, in the gym, on the trail, or anywhere else you go.   

I want to inspire you to overcome the challenges that are holding you back so you can regain control of your fitness and health. Your body and mind have an answer available for every physical challenge you encounter, even if it's a way to work around a permanent injury more effectively.  You already have the skills that you need built in, waiting to be called upon and put into use.  It's up to you to make the call...  

 Coming August 2017:  Weekly articles and videos to help you break free from the modern zoo and wake up your natural instincts and motivation.